Instructions for presenters of E-posters

What is an E-poster?

Electronic posters or E-posters are similar to traditional paper posters but displayed on computer screens instead of printed on paper as a traditional poster. These posters do not require printing or production of materials.

How is my E-poster being displayed?

All E-posters will be available for viewing at E-poster stations at the conference venue. E-Poster viewing is available throughout the congress hours. All E-posters can be viewed from all stations. Viewers will be able to find and browse E-posters easily.

Instructions for the Preparation
  • Language: All E-posters should be prepared in English.
  • File format: JPEG
  • E-poster size in cm: 80.00 width x 120.00 height – portrait orientation
  • Poster template: Poster template can be download here
    • Media: Images/photos, graphs and tables can be included in the E-poster
    • In case of use of photographs, the author must have approval from the patient(s).
    • Videos/sounds cannot be included in the E-poster.
    • The information provided is the full responsibility of the author.
How to submit E-poster

Please submit E-poster via email to periopmedbangkok2020@gmail.com by using the following subject: submit E-poster-….and follow by your abstract code

Deadline for submission E-posters

December 5, 2020

How to present E-poster
  1. All presenters are required to register at the registration counter at the first floor in front of Vibhavadee Ballroom on December 11, 2020 at 8.00-8.30 hr.
  2. The presenters must to present yourself in the presentation room 10 min before presentation.
  3. Congress will prepare the poster file for presentation on the screen in the presentation room.
  4. Time allocation for presentation is 5 min for presentation, 3 min for Q&A, and 2 min for committee conclusion.
  5. Please note that industry or commercial advertising is not allowed on poster presentation.